Frank Reyes, Zacarias Ferreira y El Torito mantienen el control de La Bachata dentro y fuera del pais


By Jose Zabala
New York- can say on TV Al Día Mas, that gender Bachata continues even with the same faces in the globally popular taste. The main exponents more active than ever are maintained. With new albums, tours, massive presentations, public relations and others to keep their lifetimes.
In the last ten years a new bachatero is unknown and connect with gender loving public. We keep saying that this rate has evolved according to the times and to popular taste delighting everyone.
Bachata today we define as traditional, romantic, urban, pop, bachata and other rengue definitions of rhythmic combinations, which are giving effect to the genre. That suits the pace. In addition many of the major bachateros to continue their dominance, they have had to collaborations with other genres and gaining ground with no bachatero public.
Bachateros leaders remain the same. We can not talk respite, still young 15 leading exponents in this new Ranking and is as follows: 1-Frank Reyes, 2-Zacarias, 3-El Torito, 4-Raulin Rodriguez 5-Elvis Martinez, 6-Luis Vargas 7-Anthony Santos, 8-Joe Veras 9-El Chaval, 10 , Juan Luis Guerra, 11- Romeo Santos, Prince Royce 12-, 13-J Martin, 14-Jose Bachata heartthrob and 15-Rey Jhon .
Notably, Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, El Torito and Juan Luis Guerra dominate the main squares internationally. Romeo Santos and Prince Royce we are not sure where we will locate, but we can say that outside the country and that is why they occupy those positions. Protagonists in the country are: Frank Reyes, Zacarias Ferreira, Raulí Rodriguez, Anthony Santos, El Torito, Luis Vargas, Elvis Martinez, Joe Veras, El Chaval, jmartin, José Bachata heartthrob and King John.
To continue talking about the popular and contagious rhythm known worldwide as “Bachata” we must know where it comes from and freshen up a little source. Although the majority of the definitions of origin of the genus match and therefore will capture this definition digital portal : It is known as bachata to a genre of popular music that was born in the Dominican Republic and later expanded to numerous countries. Combines bachata merengue, son, bolero, and other styles.
I must add that for the interpretation of bachata music instruments like calabash (one idiófono), the bongo (membranophone), guitar and bass are used. Thanks to its pace, it is considered that bachata is a dance genre, defined by said digital portal.
We continue dancing Bachata, a contagious and catchy rhythm that everyone wants to enjoy worldwide.


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